How Are You Right Now?

Hey There Superheroes!

We wanted to check in with our community and see how you are doing. The past few years have been stressful and understandably people might be struggling. Post Covid, times have changed so we want to make sure everyone has the resources they need in order to live a healthy and happy life!

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Hero Highlight: SSG Rowan

Staff Sergeant Rowan

Hey there Superheroes!

Today, we would like to celebrate this Hero of Miami, Staff Sergeant Rowan! Not only is this young man serving our country in the United States Army, but he also volunteers his time to local high school students! Check out the information below about this phenomenal young person and learn about how he is a hero within our community!

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Outreach Community Event: Winston Park K8

The Heroes of Miami hit the streets this morning to combat cyberbullying by visiting Winston Park K8 and speaking with younger students about what they can do to promote an inclusive online community.

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Building a Better Community: One Step at a Time

Students attending the virtual seminar hosted by:
Heroes of Miami and Informed Families

On Monday March 14th 2022, Heroes of Miami hosted an educational training community virtual event. Heroes of Miami partnered with Informed Families to create an accessible online event where parents, students and other community stakeholders could log into a Zoom session to learn more about cyberbullying and the proper use of social media. The event brought together people of all ages to learn more about this important topic and started a critical conversation about how we can work together to create a more inclusive and safer space online!

Welcome to Heroes of Miami

Hey there world! Thank you for following along on our journey! We are a group of high school students that are dedicated to creating a safer online space by encouraging allyship, inclusion and positive social interactions. We are going to use our super powers to fight against online hate speech and trolling.

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